Jasmine Wilde and Mena Carlisle in Jasmine Wilde & Mena Carlisle

Mena walks into Jamine’s house, yelling and screaming and accusing Jasmine of fucking her girlfriend. Jasmine told Mena it wasn’t her and she is mistaken. Mena told Jasmine that she saw all of the texts and also saw the GPS location where Jasmine met up with Mena’s girlfriend. Jasmine once again told Mena that it wasn’t her. Then Jasmine asked Mena to sit down and relax as she offered Mena a back rub. Jasmine once again said it wasn’t her, Then Jasmine felt Mena getting excited from the back rub and decided to go in for the kill. Jasmine started by rubbing Mena’s breasts then moved down to her pussy. Then Jasmine pulled off Mena’s pants and started eating her pussy. Then flipped Mena over and started eating her ass. Mena was all about it and reciprocated the favor. Then Jasmine pulled out her vibrator and both girls scissored to a mutual orgasm. Jasmine said once again, that she wasn’t the mean girl that Mena thought she was. Featuring: Jasmine Wilde, Mena Carlisle. (Video duration: 29:27)

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