Miky Love in WIRED

Miky Love (a.k.a. Mikki Torez)’s computer is on the fritz, so she calls IT before going hunting for the problem amid the jumble of cables under her desk. When Kai, the IT guy, arrives, he’s treated to a view of Miky’s creamy bare thighs showing between the hem of her skirt and the tops of her stockings as she’s bent over on all fours. But when Kai announces he’s behind her, it startles Miky into bumping her head! Kai checks to make sure she’s okay, and then finds his hands roaming all over Miky’s slender body. The sexy executive soon forgets all about her computer issues when her hot IT guy ties her wrists with a computer wire before licking her pussy! The dedicated Kai shows Miky the true meaning of a hard drive with a dominant and intense sex session. Miky’s computer may not be fixed, but she feels much better!

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